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Allure of Scheherazade
A gift that will last a lifetime!

Allure of Scheherazade: A Magical Eastern Fantasy for Lovers. Inspired by the timeless tales of "The Thousand and One Arabian Nights", this Magical Eastern Fantasy takes you on a journey into the wondrous world of Scheherazade, the clever storyteller whose wit in devising a thousand tales won her eternal reign and the adoration of her husband, the sultan of Arabia.This rediscovered tale recounts one of those enchanting nights.

With your imagination aroused, allow yourself to sink into the ethereal melodies and entrancing rhythms of the enclosed CD "Songs of Scheherazade". Next adjust your eyes to the flickering flame of a candle nestled in an exotic beaded box. Inhale the essence of Tunisian Amber as the incense seeps through space. The delicately beaded gossamer veil will magically transform into an erotic adornment, all in the privacy of your love chamber. Later, another evening you walk out into the world, this veil worn over your shoulders, will hold within it your every secret...

Contains: A delicately beaded veil, a CD composed and recorded exclusively for "Allure of Scheherazade", the suggestive Tale of Scheherazade, exquisitely printed in color, a candle nestled in an exotic beaded box and a bundle of Tunisian Amber incense.  

PPG2AOS     $18.95